The Miniature American Shepherd is a medium size herding dog. They are versatile, athletic, extremely intelligent and are very loyal and devoted to their owners. 

The Miniature American Shepherd, also known as "MAS" are mostly used for herding smaller stock such as sheep, goats and poultry. They have the heart to tackle larger stock as well. The Miniature American Shepherd's small size made them a favorite with small stock breeders, horse show and rodeo people as well as a household pets. They are the perfect size which makes them excellent travel companions and house pets. The MAS are equally at home on a ranch or in the city proved that they have enough exercise physically and mentally.

Official History of the breed from the parent club  "The Miniature American Shepherd Club of the USA (MASCUSA)" was selected in May of 2011 as the parent club of the Miniature American Shepherd for the American Kennel Club. The breed was formed by a split of the Australian Shepherd breed in AKC, and the incorporation of dogs previously known as Miniature Australian Shepherds and also known as North American Shepherds. MASCUSA was originally known as the Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of the USA, and then the North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of the USA, and was founded in 1990 as original parent club for the Miniature Australian Shepherd."

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